Wednesday, July 6, 2022

“I was ambushed”- Moyo breaks silence

The beleaguered Member of Parliament for Tati East, Samson Guma Moyo, who has been mum over circumstances surrounding his “resignation” as Assistant Minister of Finance broke his silence this week, saying recent events have left him feeling more like an ambushed animal than a national politician holding a premier ministerial portfolio of finance.

He said there is something sinister with the way the law enforcement agencies had approached his case.
Moyo said this after he confessed to Sunday Standard that he stepped down from his ministerial position at the instance of President Ian Khama.

This was after the Directorate of Public Prosecutions had informed Khama they intended charging Moyo.
Moyo said if the law agencies felt they had a genuine case against him, they would have told him that a long time back.

Allegations against Moyo are said to be from business transactions dating as far back as 2004.
He said, as things stand, he has no option but to suspect the case against him is informed by politics.
“Just like President Ian Khama said, I wish I had known about this thing before I accepted an appointment as a Minister,” he said.

“Why ambush me. I am at a loss. I believe the whole thing is more political than anything.”
In his anger, even his party colleagues are not spared.

“I am a fighter. I will not crawl and beg when I am under attack. I will take them on ÔÇô one by one,” he said.
Moyo said since the drama started to unfold, the worst treatment he has received has been at the hands of his BDP colleagues.

“I have never seen such malice. The BDP members have been the most vociferous.”
It has not escaped his imagination that the onslaught against his character comes only a few months after he had been appointed Assistant Minister of an all powerful Ministry of Finance.
“What a coincidence!” he remarked.
He said BDP members have been sending malicious messages about himself and spreading criminal allegations about his companies.

“I even listened to a conversation in which one party functionary who holds a position in one of the sub-committees told opposition Member of Parliament, Dumelang Saleshando, that I am involved in corruption,” said Moyo.
He said the ruling party is currently engaged in an untidy internal power struggle.

The loser will in the end be the country, he said.

“If the BDP wants to destroy itself it’s fine. I have no problem with that. But they should leave the country intact. The country is much bigger than any political parties,” said the emotionally charged Moyo.

This was after he resigned from both parliament and the ruling BDP ÔÇô both resignations were later withdrawn.
In an interview with the Sunday Standard, Moyo says he has not been told by anybody what wrong he committed.
“I am still in the dark. The only allegation to be levelled against me is that sometime in 2004 I engaged in what amounted to a conflict of interest.”
For the first time, Moyo stated for the record that he had been asked by President Ian Khama to step down as Assistant Minister of Finance.
He said the President said it would be neater for the assistant minister to go and clear his name whilst outside government.

This was after the Directorate of Public Prosecutions informed President Ian Khama that their plans to charge Moyo were at advanced stages.


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