Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Mupane Gold Mine lends a helping hand to Matsiloje Village

Mupane Gold Mine last weekend handed over a multi-purpose sports facility worth P610 000 to Matsiloje Junior Secondary School in Matsiloje Village. Giving a keynote address during the hand-over ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer of the Botswana Chamber of Mines, Charles Siwawa, said that contrary to the belief that mines are only there to exploit the minerals and not develop the lives of people, Mupane Gold Mine proved the critics wrong as it funded the project and hopes the other mines will follow suit.

“Although the mines are always associated with exploiting minerals and leaving holes to be rehabilitated while the citizens dwell in poverty, Mupane Gold Mine has proved those people wrong,” said Siwawa.

He said that mining is not an easy exercise as people may think because it involves financial risk.

Siwawa said that it is very important for the mining organizations to lend a hand in the communities they operate in because it empowers the people and helps them better their own lives.

He pointed out that it is also crucial for parents and teachers to encourage children to balance sports and academic work to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“This sports facility has leveled the playing field for the children in Matsiloje with those in neighbouring villages and even in the city,” he said.

The Manager of the Mine, Isaac Mangole, said that Mupane Gold mine believes in the commitment to health and safety, sustainability and social responsibility.

He added that despite the financial constraints in place, they, as Mupane Gold Mine, will forge on to do their best to assist communities. Mangole revealed that this year alone, the Mine funded community projects to the tune of P12 900 000.

“It is also important to note that we will not just give handouts, but rather we will fund sustainable projects,” he said.

He added that the sports facility they built for Matsiloje was not only a brain child of the Mine but rather the community, especially the Village Development Committee (VDC), which played a part by choosing the project as a priority among five projects initiated by the mine.

He said that the sports facility will benefit the children as they are the leaders of tomorrow.
The Sports facility comprised of a basketball court, tennis and volleyball court.


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