Monday, April 19, 2021

Murder suspect linked to another death

Murder suspect Arnold Masango who was last year granted bail, was sent back to jail this week pending police investigations into the death of his girlfriend.

Masango’s girlfriend was a teacher at Ramoja CJSS School and was waiting to be drafted into the Botswana Defence Force as part of the first cadre of women recruits.

Masango, together with one Raymond Leshomo, is accused of murdering fellow Mupane Mine employee, Mario Lottering, in May 2006 in what the police described as the most gruesome murder ever in the city of Francistown. In an act that sparked public outcry and protest, Justice Thomas Masuku granted Masango bail in August of the same year.

Masango this week resurfaced in Ramokgwebana where he is a suspect in the death of one Masaitsiweng Dintweng who hails from Maun. The Sunday Standard is informed that Masango and Dintweng had been cohabiting at the Ramoja CJSS teachers’ quarters for some time in a tumultuous relationship that saw, on more than one occasion, both parties threatening to leave. They never did until that fateful day of September 10.
”We have seen and heard them fighting on more than one occasion,” said a staff member at the school.

Things took a turn for the worse when Dintweng was admitted into the first batch of the Botswana Defence Force’s female officer cadets. She decided to resign her position as a teacher and prepared to don her army uniform to go for training. The objective of her visit to Ramokgwebana on September 10 in the company of Masango was to hand over the staff house keys and bid her colleagues farewell.

Before she could accomplish her mission, she was suddenly hit by an inexplicable bout of vomiting allegedly after drinking some juice that Masango had given her. Sources close to the family say that Masango communicated to them that Dintweng was not feeling well and they instructed him to take her to the hospital. But they became suspicious when Masango gave family members different accounts of his whereabouts when they repeatedly phoned to get an update on Dintweng’s condition.

”For example he would tell one family member that he was on the way to the hospital; tell another one that he was pouring petrol and tell yet another one that he did not have enough money to buy petrol to take Masa to the hospital,” said a friend of the family. But eventually Masango did arrive at Masunga hospital with the ailing Dintweng who was later pronounced dead.

While the Officer Commanding Number 15 District Senior Superintendent Foreman Baganetswe could not be drawn into explaining in detail Masango’s actions, a close family member revealed that Masango actually disappeared after handing Dintweng to the hospital authorities. Baganetswe said that Masango later handed himself over to the police and they are holding him in custody pending investigations into what they suspect was a poisoning incident.

”We understand that the lady passed away after vomiting and she died while in the company of her boyfriend,” he said, adding that they suspect that she was poisoned. He also said that they have kept Masango in custody because he was the last one to be seen in the company of the deceased before she died.
The deceased will be buried today (Sunday) in Maun.


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