Wednesday, January 27, 2021

MVA Fund, Botswana Police College sponsor Investigation and reconstruction course

The Botswana Police Service in collaboration with the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund Botswana held a joint graduation ceremony for 25 of the participants of the 5-week long Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Course, today at the Botswana Police College in Otse.

The Botswana Police Service had 23 officers participating in the course while Motor Vehicle Accident had two officers. All of the participants managed to graduate despite the complexity of the course.

Before now, the course had been offered in the United States of America alone and participants had been sent there for training. However, MVA, in conjunction with BPS, decided to team up to bring the course home to train its officers at reasonable cost.

Officiating at the grand ceremony, the Commander Air Support Unit, Mr. Tapazani Pestor Gabolokwe, said the course, which aims at empowering Road Traffic and MVA officers with knowledge and skills to effectively investigate Road Traffic accidents using modern scientific investigative methods, came at the right time when many lives are lost daily due to various factors such as road conditions, mechanical faults and recklessness.

Gabolekwe said they had been inducted into the course through merit in their respective stations, therefore they should not disappoint when they get back to their various organisations.

“Lack of proficient accident investigators has for a long time afforded dangerous and reckless motorists the opportunity to escape the wrath of the law after they would have killed or maimed innocent road users. MVA was also constrained to honour their pledge to compensate victims of road accidents owing to poor accident investigation.”

He added that with their accomplishment they “should go out there and make a difference”.

The course facilitator, Mr. Mike DiTallo from the North West University in Chicago, U.S.A commended the participants for their hard work and dedication saying ‘despite the difficulty of the course you graduate today intellectually equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to
execute you duties diligently.”

He then honoured the top five achievers, with Boniface Lechiile who was the outstanding performer in all the four modules offered, followed by Pelo Rebobonye, Boiki Mojalemotho, Reginald Mathaba and Taolo Gaerupe.
The modules offered were Math and Physics, Vehicle Dynamics, Traffic and Crush Reconstruction 1 and 2.

In closing remarks, the Botswana Police Service’s Director of Training, Mrs Malati Pauline Gabositwe advised the graduates that it will not be easy to integrate into their stations with their newly acquired skills. However, she advised them to practice patience and determination as they had during their training.


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