Saturday, May 18, 2024

My African Dream Magic

Moonga Kapambwe was recently crowned a true star when he stole the Judges Choice award at the My African Dream (MAD) grand finale held at Gaborone International Conference Centre (GICC) this past Saturday.

The child star’s performance clearly blew the crowd away as he received a standing ovation halfway through his act.

He even received a special mention from specially selected guest, South African singing sensation, Mara Louw, who described him as a breath of fresh air and full of raw talent.

Kapambwe shared the award with fellow contestant Setlholo Kwelo.

Kwelo is to be remembered for being the talented blind man who invented his own gadget, a flute like shaped instrument that he played soulfully. 

The MAD finale comprised of the junior category, teen category, and the senior category awards, not forgetting the Judges’ choice award. Each category had a winner and a runner-up position.

The senior category in the viewer’s choice award was won by two Indian girls who called themselves the Bollywood Girls. Their performance act was made up of traditional Indian dance moves blended with African ones and they were fully dressed up in Indian garb. The girls who are also sisters, Sakshi and Suchita Shukla, made runner up. They were selected for the competition when the auditions were held in Gaborone.

First position, still in the senior category, went to a group of boys called Jozi Victimz. The young men started dancing as a group back in 2007 when they were still at St. Joseph’s College. As their name Jozi suggests, the group’s place of inspiration is Johannesburg. Their act was made up of them dancing along to house music. ┬á

In the teen category, the runner up was Danijel Taric, who was also selected during the Gaborone auditions. At 13 years, Taric has reportedly composed his own instrumentals   on his own computer. His stage performance was made up of him singing and a group of girls dancing along.

First position in the teen category went to the Exotics, a dance group that was formed in 2008.

They were the only group performing hip-hop dances. The group is reported to have performed on stage in South Africa, competing in different divisions. Their performance at the grand finale also blew the audience away, what with the mind blowing and daring moves they had.  

The junior category’s runner up was Beyonce fanatic, Daphne Sekuni. The child left people speechless with her body shaking antics. It was hard to believe a ten-year-old could dance like that. She delivered a full Beyonce dance performance with Zeal.

The confident young girl is said to have experience in modeling and international Latin American dance.   
The winner of the junior category went to the exotic twist dance duo, consisting of Kabelo and Onalethata who have been dancing together for close to two years.

The ballroom dancing duos have already taken part in a number of competitions, both locally and in South Africa. They are said to have already received international recognition before they took on MAD. The multi talented two are also part of the hip-hop dancing group, which also won the teen category. 
Tumediso Kagiso Loeto, also known as Shanti Lo, a local musician, was another specially selected guest performer who has worked on different projects with a number of artists in different genres.

The last performer was Cybil Nite, a local young performer who recently won this year’s Channel O Emcee Africa.


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