Saturday, May 15, 2021

Mystery surrounds murdered girl’s body

By Reuben Pitse 


Police are investigating the mystery surrounding the murder of a 10 year old girl who was found last Thursday buried in a shallow grave near a stream in Gabane village.

Half of her body was buried while the other half was nowhere to be found.

Reports from Gabane suggest that police detectives have been deployed around the village to trace suspects who murdered the 10 year old girl and buried her in a shallow grave.

It is reported that on Thursday morning last week a herd boy who was with his dogs in the near-by lands saw his dogs fighting over what appeared like a human body.

Senior Superintendent Godfrey Tlogelang of Moditshane police station said the police are on a hunt of suspects who might be implicated in the murder of the ten year old.

“We have now opened a murder case docket as we suspect that the deceased might have been murdered and buried in a shallow grave near a stream.” 

Moditshane explained that a police pathologist was also called to the crime scene to examine the body. He recommended that the body cannot be taken to the mortuary as it was completely decomposed.

“We had to request a coffin from the social workers and also asked for permission from the chief to bury the deceased in a dignified manner.”

He further said that part of the deceased’s body could be missing due to a number of reasons, including being eaten by animals as the body had been pulled by dogs. The body was buried at the village public cemetery. He revealed that it is unfortunate that the identity of the deceased is not known as the state of body was completely decomposed.

Moditshane indicated that they have already contacted neighbouring police stations to establish whether they might have a person reported missing or not. 

“I am appealing to the members of the public to assist us with any information that could lead to the arrest of the suspected culprits,” he said. 

Kgosi Seeletso Pule of Gabane said police came to his office and requested to bury the deceased in the public cemetery due to the fact that the body of the  deceased was completely decomposed. He said he was shocked when the police broke news to him and felt pity for the innocent child. 

Pule said as far as he was aware there has been no report of a missing child in his village.

“This coming Tuesday I have decided to call a kgotla meeting in which I will inform the public about this heartbreaking news,” he said.


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