Monday, February 26, 2024

Nare fighting tooth and nail for his dues

Former Extension Gunners coach Daniel Nare will have to wait a little longer to know when and if he is likely to get his dues from Lobatse based Extension Gunners.

Information reaching this publication indicates that Nare has dragged the Peleng based club, along with the executor of its late chairman Phenyo Gothaang’s estate, estate of the late Phenyo Gothaang and  current chairman Hennel Kaisara before the courts in an attempt to recover a P100 000 loan he allegedly gave the team.

Following a non show by Extension Gunners at a scheduled court session this past Monday, the court decided to postpone the matter to the 8th of October ‘to sort out issues related to the late Gothaang’s estate.”

In his papers filed before the courts, Nare alleges that he loaned Gunners monies amounting to P100 000 “to pay players whom the team was failing to pay because of financial constrains.” The borrowed money, which was expected to be paid with 20% interest, was allegedly negotiated for by the late Gothaang during his tenure as Gunners chairman.

The late Gothaang was the surety and co-principal debtor for the loan. He is alleged to have bonded his residence as security in the said loan agreement. “I attach my residential home at Matebele ward, Pitsane to be sold to recover the loan should we fail to liquidate this amount on agreed terms,” so reads an alleged extract from Gothaang’s loan requisition letter to Nare.

According to the court papers, following the agreement, Nare then duly gave the team the agreed loan. The P100 000 was allegedly withdrawn from the Lobatse Barclays Bank on the 17th March 2016, in the presence of current chairman Kaisara and Kabelo Chipura.

Kaisara and Chipura are said to have been the ones who then sorted and distributed the money to all Gunners players as per their salaries. It has however emerged that since a new management team took over, the Peleng side has consistently refused to pay back the alleged loan, leading to Nare dragging them before courts in an attempt to recover his monies.

According to the court papers in Sunday Standard’s possession, Gunners denies any loan agreement with the former coach. The first defendant (Gunners) denies obtaining any loan or financial advancement from Nare. Nare, through his legal representatives Maphakwane and Partners, want the courts to order the defendants to pay him the said P100 000 along with the agreed 20% interest. He also wants the team, together with its other defendants, to bear the costs of the law suit.

While Gunners has since denied acquiring a loan from Nare, Chipura has however written an affidavit confirming that the said monies were indeed given to Gunners.

“We sorted the money with Mr Kaisara and I distributed the money to all Gunners players as per their salaries,” so reads Chipura’s affidavit.


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