Thursday, July 18, 2024

Nasha hints at publishing another shocker

Speaker of the National assembly Dr Magret Nasha is poised to publish another bombshell, Madam Speaker Sir Volume II.
Nasha hinted about her intentions when giving a farewell message to the outgoing Gender Links Country Manager Keabonye Ntsabane at a lunch hosted at Boipuso hall last Friday. Speaking to the  The Telegraph on the sidelines Nasha was reluctant to discuss what should be expected from her second book.

“A woman cannot say she will give birth to a girl before she is pregnant. That has never happened,” she said.

Sources close to Nasha revealed that the next shocker is expected after the elections as she is currently working on another book.
“Nasha is a down to earth person; she usually does her things quietly and everyone else will learn of what she has been doing when she delivers. Just like the first publication most of people were not aware that she was working on a book until the time it was launched,” she said.

However Nasha could only confirm that she is currently working on a Setswana drama book expected to be published soon, “I am about to finish the Setswana drama book,” she said

Nasha who published her first book believes in ambition and she is of the view that if one does not have ambition they are better dead. ┬áIn an interview with the media after the launch of her Madam Speaker Sir book Nasha said, “You know as women the main problem that we have is to be apologetic about our ambitions, if you are ambitious and you are focused on the ball and you want to move ahead then do so. This is a free country,” she said.

She also attacked President Khama’s advisers saying “I said in the book that people must be genuine when they advice the president, I have a feeling that President Khama is not getting genuine advice from his advisers,” she said.

A political analyst, Lesole Machacha says Nasha might be sending messages to the general public through her books as a way of exposing the current government and President Ian Khama.

“If I look at the current situation – Nasha writing books and her deputy leaving the ruling party to opposition I can simply come to conclusion that all is not well in the ruling Botswana Democratic Party. When someone writes a book to expose certain things it means she really wants to express her concern and now with the other book coming it means there is more information that we do not know about that she wants to share with the world through her writing. I want to think that she feels she portrayed her message well in the first book now she is going deeper into issues that this nation is not aware of,” ┬ásaid Machacha.

He added that he is patiently waiting to find out whether the new version is the continuation of the first version or whether the new version comes with a totally different subject.


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