Thursday, June 20, 2024

Netball umpire gets a call up for AUSC games

In what has been a recurring theme over the past few months, Botswana netball’s umpires and administrators continue to put the country’s name on the map. In the wake of Boikhutso Tuelo and Thulaganyo Retshabile respectively umpiring and coordinating the Pent Series and Africa Cup Games hosted at Namibia last month, another local umpire Obuile Ramosesane has been called to officiate at the AUSC games 2021.

A delighted Ramosesane said being called for such games is a dream true and it shows that if he continues to work hard his efforts will be rewarded. “I got my Africa B qualification during the Men’s Championship held at Polokwane, South Africa in 2019. I was called for AUSC games 2021 because of my Africa grading. I feel so happy for the invitation since it is my first International invitation for Africa.”

As he makes his Africa debut at the AUSC games, Ramosesane said the most important thing he wishes to learn from these games ‘is to run in games of higher magnitude with umpires from different countries.’

While admitting to being a little nervous, Ramosesane however thinks umpiring at the AUSC games will not be too different from his previous umpiring experiences. He further noted that he doubts he will have some difficulties officiating at the games. “It is just that I am a bit scared since this is my first time officiating in the Region 5 Games. I can only hope I impress and make a name for myself to grow my netball career,” he said.

“I do not think I met so many challenges since I started umpiring except that I always became nervous when I was supposed to umpire tough games, but it got better with feedback from fellow umpires and UAP’S. I got used to umpiring games of high calibre,” he explained.

As the only Motswana invited, Ramosesane said he is hopeful this is indicative of the recognition he gets from Botswana netball. “I think I am chosen because of my Africa grading like I said, even my commitments, discipline that I display at Botswana Netball Association as an Africa umpire and the feedback they got from Africa Netball,” added Ramosesane. He further said Botswana netball has been advised to invest more time and resources in him as he is ‘the youngest Africa B qualified umpire.’

“My plan for the future is to achieve a higher grading that IUA (International Umpire Appointment). My advice to my fellow umpires, discipline, determination, commitment and self-motivation is the only key to achieve higher gradings,” added Ramosesane. 

In conclusion, Ramosesane noted that his role at the AUSC games is to umpire or officiate only. He said “I am going to do my level best, my biggest wish is to see me umpiring the Region 5 games final match, that is when I will know that indeed I am working hard.”

The games are set from the 4th to the 12th of December this year, in Lesotho.


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