Monday, July 15, 2024

New comers finding the going tough in the Premier League

Playing in the Premier League has proven to be not child’s play.

All teams that are in there have to always be prepared or else they float back to Division One.

It is even worse for those teams that are promoted from the First Division because they rarely survive. Most teams from the First Division get promoted only to be relegated the following season.

There are three new comers this season, being Prisons XI, BR Highlanders and Motakase. So far, the going is tough for BR Highlanders and Prisons XI.

Highlanders are the ones that are relatively new while the other two have been in the premier league before.

The way Highlanders were promoted is quite interesting. They got into the Premier League following the expulsion of Police XI and Security Systems, a team that was also anticipating making its maiden appearance in the premier league.

Judging from the seven games they have played, the two teams are really struggling. It is even worse for Highlanders that has only managed a point.

The team has to make big changes and improvements if they entertain any thoughts of remaining in the super league.

Undoubtedly, this is cause of concern for the new Highlanders coach, Teenage Mpote. Mpote has extensive Premier League knowledge and saved many teams from relegation, including Serowe side, Miscellaneous and Tasc of Francistown.

Mpote conceded to The Telegraph that he and his team face a mammoth task ahead. “Honestly, it is not easy as results show. This team does not have many players of Premier League caliber and they did not have a pre-season. This means things like tactics, combinations, and confidence are lacking. We can also only register players in the January transfer window. But we cannot just wait for January and have to do with what we have,” he said.

Mpote added that he will work hard to try to at least not drop many points. Having helped sides, such as Miscellaneous, to be a competitive side, Mpote is hopeful that he will do the same with Highlanders, the third team from the Central Region in the Premier league. The other two are Motakase and Miscellaneous.


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