Monday, June 24, 2024

Premier league new comers change the complexion of the league

At the beginning of the season, three new comers made their way into the Premier League.

Normally, when new teams come, their obituary is written before the ball even starts rolling. This is so because most of them just make one season’s appearance, only to disappear the following one.

Many football followers are now asking themselves whether the three new premier league teams will be relegated or will make history and cling on.
The team that is relatively new in the Premier League is Ramotswa-based side, Killer Giants, while Motlakase last made their appearance in the premier league more than twenty years ago.

Jwaneng Comets, on the other hand, are a see-saw side. They are in and out of the Premier League. Even their promotion last season was marred by controversy. The last time they were in the Premier was three seasons ago. What is interesting about Comets is that when they are in the elite league they bring with them excellent players who in turn are poached by fellow Premier League teams once they are relegated. They then have to re-build the team that takes them some time.

The three teams look to have added a bit of new dimension because they are proving that they are not in the Premier League to make up the numbers, but to compete.

When the league started, they started on a low note and already many people ruled them out saying they are already relegation candidates. The trio has now surprised many and is in relatively safer position as regards the relegation zone.

This then means if they carry on with their new found form, teams that have been in the Premier League for some time might find themselves in the lower division next season.

It might be a bit early to make conclusions, but the perennial Premier League campaigners like BMC, Notwane, Police and Tafic might find themselves in the lower division.

The team that is surprising many is Notwane, which produces most of the soccer cream of the country.
The relegation axe, however, has been hovering over them for some time now.

This season’s rookies seem to have made their research thoroughly on why other teams immediately get relegated after only a season. The three teams have registered several experienced players with the Premier League and that seems to be working well for them.

For instance, Comets have the likes of Nicolas Gora and Kebatlogetse Batsweletse. Once given a chance, Gora is a prolific goalscorer while Batsweletse was on top of his game when he left the defending champions, Gaborone United.


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