Saturday, April 13, 2024

New cricket chair promises to overcome hurdles

Botswana Cricket Association deputy chairperson, Sumod Damodar, has been elected as Chairman of Africa Cricket Association.

Damodar has promised to steer the ACA to greater heights for the promotion and growth of the game in Africa.

The new leader wants to turn the fortunes of ACA around so that success and development are realized. The ambitious Damodar is aware of the path he is embarking on that it will not be easy but is worth taking for the growth of cricket in Africa.

“The task ahead is by no means a smooth ride, nor without challenges, considering the turbulent journey thus far. We have had our fair share of calamities, natural and otherwise, but the road ahead still needs to be trekked, with an open and unprejudiced mind,” Damodar said.

Damodar who believes in team work is confident that collectively as the new Cricket Africa board they can achieve more during their tenure. He promised to serve the ACA with honest and with absolute commitment to reach the desired milestones that have set themselves to achieve.

“Though In am coming from Botswana Cricket Association as the deputy chairperson, it does not mean I will be biased towards Botswana. I will be serving the 22 countries in Africa equally and fairly. If cricket Africa develops automatically Botswana or any other country in Africa develops.

Among the milestones Damodar wish to achieve before leaving office is to foster relations, “fostering and forging stronger bonds between members of the ACA, establishing a more meaningful and mutually progressive understanding at every level within the ICC, and re-igniting previous partnerships with Bodies such as the Asian Cricket Council (ACC).”

He will also want to enhance member responsibilities for good governance, as the backbone, for success, both on and off the field.

Damodar also promises to enhance member responsibilities for good governance, as the backbone, for success, both on and off the field.

Damodar will be banking on cricket leaders in the continent to collectively work hard in bringing new positive changes in the region.

“There are no secrets in cricket, and the more we disseminate information, between the cricket families, the more we help nurture development and progress,” he observed.

The determined chairperson want the ACA to take the lead in introducing priority events, which align with the global cricket strategy for development in Africa, such as the U-15 & U-17 competitions, as foundations for the U-19 and senior pathway events conducted under ICC.


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