Friday, March 31, 2023

New Deputy Police Commissioner tipped to replace Tsimako

The newly-appointed Deputy Police Commissioner, Keabetswe Makgophe, is being touted as a possible replacement for current Police Commissioner, Thebeyame Tsimako, whose contract has been extended to next year.

Makgophe’s appointment came after the former deputy commissioner, Kenny Kapinga, was redeployed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a few weeks ago.

On the other hand, the Office of the President is still fishing for the right candidate to replace the commander of BDF, Tebogo Masire.

Speaking to Sunday Standard, the soft spoken Makgophe, 49, who rose through police ranks, said “I am delighted that I have been appointed Deputy Police Commissioner; it came as a surprise to me because there are capable officers that could have been appointed.”

He added: “I take this as a challenge to my life even though I am fully aware of the challenges that lie ahead. I am not going to change anything that has already been done; instead my concentration will be in implementation of what has already been started.”

He added that the reason he won’t change anything is because he is part of what has been done since he has been in police management for about five years.

Makgophe said the biggest challenge that the country is facing is violent crime, which is his concern because he wants to see the people walking in the street freely without being robbed.
He said he will be responsible for Operations, which is the back bone of the orginisation.

When asked whether he is ready to take the commissionership, he replied that, “I have just been appointed, therefore, let’s take it a step at a time.”

He strongly denied that the BPS has not been hit by a succession crisis “because there are men and women that can take the call of commissionership”.

Some police officers, who asked for anonymity, told the paper that “he is the right choice for future Commissioner and we will give him the support”.

They said, because of his age, Makgophe stands a good chance “and he understands the organization very well, as he rose from constable to the Deputy Commissioner as compared to other senior officers who joined as police cadets”.


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