Thursday, February 22, 2024

Ngamiland farmers devastated by new FMD outbreak

Ngamiland farmers this week suffered another severe blow after the announcement of an outbreak of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in Komaneng Village about 30 kilometres from Maun.

Several farmers interviewed on the matter said that the news was very devastating to them as they have been thinking that they would, at long last, get a chance to sell their cattle in bigger numbers to foreign markets, such as Zimbabwe.

“I cannot describe how I feel about this; all I can say is that I have been totally devastated by the news,” said young farmer, Mmolotsi Phuthologo.

Phuthulogo says that he has been hoping that he would soon be able to sell his cattle to, amongst other things, clear his debts and to be able to have money in his account and enjoy the rewards of being a farmer but that the news had fouled things up very badly.

Another farmer, Moabedi Nkemelang, said that the news about the new outbreak has made him to start wondering if he will ever be able to sell to lucrative markets as other farmers are doing elsewhere in the country.

“I am wondering if our cattle are going to be sold only in butcheries where we are forced to sell them at give-away prices,” he lamented. Nkemelang also said that he was devastated by the news of the new outbreak, especially since he was under the impression that the disease had been stabilized.
Farmer Eric Monoso said that the new outbreak was making him wonder if it was worthwhile to keep cattle in Ngamiland, considering the endless outbreaks of foot and mouth and the farmers’ inability to sell to lucrative markets because of the outbreaks.


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