Sunday, March 3, 2024

Ngwaketse West BNF councillors not following Reatile to BDP

Opposition Botswana National Front councilors in Ngwaketse West constituency will not follow their former MP in the area in deserting the party.

In a dramatic political move recently, Member of Parliament for the area, Mephato Reatile, dumped the BNF and joined the ruling Botswana Democratic Party, months after he deserted his party to become an independent legislator.

“BNF councilors in this area swear never to go anywhere. Reatile has betrayed us,” said BNF deputy mayor of Jwaneng, Tsietsi Oodira-Kwenje, who added that, worse still, the MP never attempted to consult them let alone his voters.

“We learnt only from the press that he had joined the ruling party,” said Oodira-Kwenje. He revealed that on numerous occasions they attempted to call their former colleague but to no avail as his mobile phone rang unanswered.

Oodira-Kwenje is boggled by his former colleague’s decision to leave the party, saying he had known him to fancy the opposition Botswana Congress Party.

“What I know about him is that he fancied BCP but to think of him joining BDP was completely out character,” Oodira-Kwenje said. “His departure clearly shows he did not have his people at heart only caring for his own welfare. He never consulted them and people out there are angry.”
While he still occupies the secretary’s seat for the MP in the constituency, Oduetse Rabanna is in limbo over what to do in the office because Reatile has not uttered anything since his departure from their party.

Rabanna prefers the manner by which Kgatleng East MP Isaac Mabiletsa joined the BCP, communicating with his employees in the office and not insulting or provoking anyone.

“I am BNF member and nothing will dissuade me,” Rabanna declared on Thursday.

Reatile could not be reached as he is currently out of the country in Israel.

He is, however, expected to be launched soon at which rally Oodi-Kwenje would ascertain if anyone of their members has been lured.


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