Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Nigeria’s Uti wins BBA All Stars edition

Whilst many viewers had picked Munya to win, it was the Nigerian Uti who emerged the winner of the Big Brother Africa All Stars.

He pipped Lerato, Sheila, Munya and Mwisho for the $200,000 cash prize.

Uti jumped for joy as the Big Brother All Stars host called out his name as the winner of this year’s edition.

The man from Nigeria was beside himself with joy and sang his national anthem proudly before leaving the house and heading to the stage.

A dejected Munya was obviously expecting to win the grand prize after having survived the most eviction nominations.

The game that has been on air for over two months saw another Nigerian emerge victorious in Big Brother Africa.
Uti also walks away with U$$1,000 for keeping his secret intact.

A number of viewers seemed to sympathise with Munya.

“I thought Munya would win; he survived so many nominations,” said Sambwa Kashiba of Gaborone. “Usually people get evicted after the second or third nomination but he survived about ten nominations. Plus he is a good actor. I thought he had played his cards right.”

Another regular viewer, Kgomotso Setso, said, “I must admit it’s tough on Munya but I guess maybe he became too confident and maybe the people could see that, and they choose Uti. It was between those two.”

Uti was showered with confetti as the celebrations began and he was handed an envelope with his name to confirm that he is indeed the winner.


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