Monday, August 15, 2022

Big Brother’s All Stars slowly heating up

In yet another twist in the Big Brother show, housemates Hannington and Sammi’s names were called out by the host in another false eviction.

Our very own Kaone was on the end of Big Brothers false eviction, however, unlike Kaone and Tatiana, Sammi and Hannington were sent to the Big Brother barn where they shall wait to stand a chance to rejoin the housemates and win the $200,000 prize money.

Hannington will be hoping to get a chance to stay on and resume his attempts to woo Sheila, the Kenyan, who burst into tears after the Ugandan left the house.

With Hannington’s departure, Tatiana is now the head of house for a second time, giving her the power to save anyone of her choosing and replacing them with another housemate as a nominee for eviction.

The mood in the house seemed somber as Meryl, Musho and Sheila seemed not to welcome this new development of Tatiana as new head of House.

It seems the love birds, Munya and Tatiana, are at loggerheads with each other after they both seemed to accuse each other of playing the game and not being genuine.

The outspoken Angolan accused Munya of spreading rumours about her. The Zimbabwean tried by all means to avoid the conflict but to no avail. Munya eventually broke down into tears later in the night as Tatiana sang “How low can you go”.

The Big Brother All Stars seem to be getting cozy of late, with Meryl and Mwisho getting more intimate.

The past week has also seen a love triangle develop between Munya, Tatiana and Meryl.
Munya’s initial romance with Tatiana seemed to be blossoming until Munya switched his attention to Meryl. The two have been showering together as well as sharing moments in the jacuzzi.
With nominations coming up it shall make for a very interesting week after Tatiana revealed she had replaced herself with Hannington for nomination. Expect a feisty week of Big Brother action.


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