Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Night of music and poetry unveils an artist with bright dreams

Multi-talented Lesego “Leshie Lovesong” Nchunga received a standing ovation at Maruapula School Friday evening as she wowed a packed auditorium with a riveting three-hour set of music and poetry themed, ‘Falling a night of music and poetry’.

Her poetry was set to the accompaniment of intricate rhythm and blues strains from the backing band.

“It is so inspiring to have such a dedicated team,” she declared, describing the work of the session band.

It was a first for Leshie Lovesong in that she had never before performed on a stage where she was also the host of show.

“Normally I get invited by other artists to take part in their shows. This time around since I managed to put together a formidable team I thought I should attempt a show with my director, Mandisa Mabothoe, at the forefront,” she said beaming.

And what a show it turned out to be as the accolades were rousing for the love-inspired Nchunga.

“I didn’t expect to get the positive response I got from Batswana, and from tonight I have learnt to never underestimate myself,” she mused.

A lawyer by profession, Leshie has taken her love of poetry, music and acting to higher heights going by the fluency of the show on Friday night.

“I always find time out of my busy day to rehearse and work hard on improving my stage performance,” she said, in an effort to inspire those who might be putting off their passion for art and only focus on their day jobs.

“When you love something you must always find time to nurture and grow it. In time you inevitably learn to juggle commitments.”
Leshie Lovesong’s music and poetry sojourn began in 2006 when she decided to launch herself as an artist rather than release an album. For a long time she had taken part in Exodus Live Poetry sessions.

She describes Exodus Live Poetry as a group of individual Batswana poets who regularly get together to work on giving live shows in the city.

While she has plans to release an album in future for now she says she will focus on showcasing her undoubted talent on as many stages as possible.

In a bid to grow her acting theatre career, Leshie has performed in Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa.
She rates her greatest performance as a role she played in ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

The young artist envisions a bright future for herself. She has seen the value of social media, posters and the press as her advertising vehicles.

“Wherever your treasure is there too is your heart,” she gushes. “You must always have the patience to follow your passion, dream harder, work better and as long as you never forget to breathe it will happen.”


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