Thursday, June 20, 2024

Notwane tennis club tops Hirikgong Junior Cup

Notwane tennis club topped Hirikgong Junior Cup scooping first position in several categories over the weekend.

A beaming club coach Aobakwe Lekang said majority of participants in the event were from his club, hence being able to be in the forefront. 

“We organized the junior cup as a continuation of its aim of having monthly activity for its young club members. This helps in assessing how much progress they have made and how we are going to help them,” he said.

“We plan on sharpening player’s skills but increasing and regularising competitions for players at club and regional level is not as easy,” Lekang noted.

Lekang highlighted that they are hoping more participants will come on board with time. He said: “The aim is to have such events for the club, and hopefully with time more of the other clubs and schools will send more participants.”

He further added that having such events increases tennis growth in the country. He said, “These events provide a platform for players, be they recreational or competitive, to have formalized competition for their specific goals.”

“Match practice can be stimulated in practice as much as possible but only an actual competition can truly give you an idea of where you are in terms of competitive readiness,” Lekang noted.

In addition, another club coach Lefa Sibanda noted that it is essential for such, with the national association looking to host International Tennis Federation (ITF) junior circuit events late next month prior to those that other countries in the region will be hosting in March.  

Sibanda further noted that he is pleased with the growth of the club and hopes for more great news for them. “The club growth is stimulated by membership increases and this is usually seen as a direct and indirect result of effective organisation and structures being put in place,” said Sibanda.


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