Friday, May 24, 2024

Tawana opens up on his divorce and political future

Maun West MP, Tawana Moremi, has come out to clear the air on recent media reports suggesting he could be on his way back to the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP). In an interview with The Telegraph over the weekend, Tawana confirmed that he had recently decided to take a break from politics and focus his energies on reshaping his personal life, which is currently in turmoil.

According to Tawana, his intentions were not to rejoin the BDP but rather to request government for a diplomatic post, which would give him time away from politics and give him space for introspection into his personal life.

“I approached some people at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after I learnt of an existing ambassadorial post in Mozambique. They, however, advised me that such vacancies are filled on the President’s prerogative and are political appointments and, as such, I may have to rejoin the BDP if I were to be considered for the post,” Tawana said.

The Maun West legislator said he truly understands the concerns from his constituents and his party, the BMD, concerning his none participation in party activities and meetings but said he wished they could understand what he is currently going through in his personal life.

Lately, Tawana has been accused of not attending parliament sessions and BMD events and he says this has all been due to the emotional breakdown he has suffered lately in his personal life.
Tawana, who is also paramount chief of Batawana, is currently going through divorce from his wife of nine years, Goitseone. His businesses are not doing well either, after Choppies Supermarket in Maun terminated the butchery contract he had with them just after he quit the BDP and joined the opposition BMD. Read Indepth.


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