Monday, July 22, 2024

Ntime promises to dismantle BNF

Former BNF youth league president, Kagiso Ntime, has promised his new political home, the Botswana Democratic Party, that some key BNF members will soon join the ruling party.

This is the same promise he made when he was welcomed by the BDP over a month ago.

“You should keep watching inside the box. Soon it will burst open with BNF members joining BDP,” he told a BDP rally at the weekend.

“Within two weeks time I will be welcoming hordes of BNF members who are disgruntled with the party’s current policies in Letlhakeng constituencies and, in particular, Malwelwe Village,” he revealed. ”Worse still in a week’s time, a notable BNF national executive member will be joining our party.”

But BNF Publicity Secretary, Moeti Mohwasa, believes Ntime is preaching his own political agenda, saying none of the party members were resigning, let alone one of the executive members of the committee.

“We are not aware of such. He is desperate and peddling untruths for his own political agenda,” Mohwasa argued.

Ntime forecast that the BNF will slide into oblivion in the next elections while the BDP wins. He made no reference to the BMD and the BPP, discarding them out of hand.

“BNF is divided into Mabiletsa and Magama factions while, on the other hand, they have Kajabanga and Ntime senior over the direction the Umbrella should take,” Ntime concluded, reassuring the Democrats an easy victory owing to the widening cracks within BNF and the Umbrella itself.


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