Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Nurse writes book to transform lives

Just like the popular adage “A pen is mightier than the sword,” Mpho Mooketsi Gaopelo, a nurse based at Nyangabwe Referral Hospital in Francistown firmly believes that through the power of writing, one can change the world for the better.

The 28-year-old who hails from Bobonong village in the Central District is a gifted writer and a motivational speaker who has published a book in an endeavor to change lives by encouraging people to follow the Christian teachings.

The book titled “Transformation of a wicked man” which has already made inroads into the book market is meant to guide people to live righteous lives and find happiness through self actualization and finding God.

It was published in September 2013 by Sow Fin Investment, a local publishing company.
In his book, Gaopelo who is a born again Christian takes the reader through a thrilling edge of diaries which explain the wicked and the righteous ways of living.

The book has five chapters where the author encourages people to find their true meaning of life and purpose and how they can relate better with God. In one of the chapters he advises people to take responsibilities of their own lives and communicate with God through prayer for whatever help they need.

“Prayer is a powerful tool because it links us to God. To be able to achieve your dreams you have to first seek God through Jesus Christ. You have to walk in the shoes of Jesus Christ through actions not just through words,” he states in the chapter.

The author said that after living a tumultuous life of sin and wickedness he finally succumbed to Christianity in 2012. He said that it is never too late for one to completely overhaul their lives and fulfill the word of God despite their sinful past.

“I am a born again Christian who lived a sinful life before; from being an alcoholic, a liar and cheat. It was only after I found God in 2012 that I finally found peace and happiness in my life.
The love and forgiveness that I got from God encouraged me to write a book and help save lives by encouraging people to seek God. The world today is riddled in never ending troubles mainly because many people have forsaken God who is the creator of the universe,” he said as he sighed heavily.

Gaopelo is of the view that God created people for a purpose. He said that a lot of people do not know who they are and have an identity crisis which often leads their lives astray. He said that by following the teachings of the bible and fulfilling the word of God, people would be able to get all the blessings and happiness.

“You cannot find happiness if you do not believe in God because he is the light of our lives. Disregarding God and Jesus Christ is tantamount to walking in the dark. It is either you walk with God in the light or walk with the devil in the dark,” he said.

Gaopelo said that motivational speaking and nursing fit like hand and glove. He said that he often combines his gift as a motivational speaker and writer to heal his patients at Nyangabwe hospital.

“As a motivational speaker, I use my talent to help heal the sick at the hospital because despite their various diseases I often give them hope through motivation. I often encourage them to give their lives to God. It is important for one to be healthy both spiritually and physically,” he said.
Gaopelo said that his book is already in demand and can be found in different book stores across the country.

He said that the book is mainly geared at transforming lives.

“I would give this book for free but unfortunately I had to incur some costs when I published. I had to folk out money from my personal savings. What gives me happiness is that the book will help change lives. I am planning to write another book as time goes on,” he said.

Although there is a wide belief that Batswana do not have a reading culture, Gaopelo holds a different view. He said that over the years many Batswana have developed interest into reading books.

Gaopelo said that he is very happy that he is getting enough support from his friends, workmates and family towards his work. The book costs P150.00.


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