Thursday, July 7, 2022

“I am not available for BNSC” ÔÇô Sesinyi

A leading Public Relations consultant, Jacob Sesinyi has distanced himself from media reports that he is a contender for the position of Chief Executive at Botswana National Sports Council. He said the unfounded allegations and rumours peddled by the media for motives not clear to him are now hurting his business. “I have never applied for a job at BNSC. I have not been approached by any authority. Most importantly I am not available,” he told Sunday Standard.

He said the media continues to hold on to the view that he is running for the job at BNSC even as the Chairman of the parastatal “has come out to publicly say I am not under their radar.” “Even if approached I want to state that I am not available. What our reporters need to do is to take their jobs a little bit more seriously. They need to do a home work on the stories that they write. An impression has been created by the media that I applied, was interviewed, was offered the job and accepted it.

This is very wrong and very irresponsible,” said Sesinyi. Clearly hurt by the media’s insidious insinuations, he has come out to question the ethic of the profession. “Where are the ethics? Our reporters need to understand the implications of not telling the truth. I am a consultant. People and companies come to my company for help because of me. These reports have now created unnecessary anxiety on my clients and my staff on the future of my business. And it is all on account of irresponsible journalism,” he said. BNSC job fell vacant after the then Chief Executive, Percy Raditladi abruptly resigned last as he headed to clear his name against criminal charges that had been laid against him. Raditladi was later discharged and acquitted.


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