Wednesday, March 29, 2023

“I’m not for sale”- MP Motlhale

South East South legislator, Odirile Motlhale, has said that he is not leaving the Botswana Movement for Democracy to go back to the Botswana Democratic Party which he compared to a “prison”.

He has also said his soul is not for sale ÔÇô not even to the highest bidder.

At a political rally over the weekend to officially welcome Nehemiah Modubule, into the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD), Motlhale dismissed Botswana Democratic Party members who were going around telling people he was rejoining them.

“My T shirt is not written for sale.”

He became an instant star as supporters had been worried that he may be the next to leave their newly formed BMD, following Phillip Makgalemele and Patrick Masimolole.

“People refuse to get out of prison. This is what Masimolole and Makgalemele have done,” he said, referring to the two legislators who have since left the BMD to go back to the BDP.

The legislator was spitting fire, pouring scorn at the BDP caucus that instructs how BDP legislators should vote in parliament.

“I was in a party of people who were good at making blunders. I was always scared of what the newspapers would carry,” said Motlhale, who appears to have quickly mustered the art of political speaking.

The MP said contrary to the BDP, the motion which was brought to review the Constitution by Gaborone West South MP, Botsalo Ntuane ÔÇô now leader of opposition ÔÇô was not meant to get at President Ian Khama.

The motion is meant to benefit all Batswana, he said.

One of BMD’s foremost strategists, Ndaba Gaolathe, told supporters and curious onlookers that once in power, BMD government would bring an education system that empowers Batswana holistically. Under the BMD government, mayors will be voted by the electorate and districts will be run by governors, he said.

The BMD rally was also graced by political veteran, Motsamai Mpho of the Botswana Congress Party and other BCP officials and activists.

The Botswana National Front did not send representation.


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