Friday, June 21, 2024

“I am not leaving BMD” – Moyo

Samson Guma Moyo has labeled as malicious and untrue, allegations carried by The Midweek Sun and Botswana Guardian that he was planning to retrace his steps back to the Botswana Democratic Party or retire from politics.

The two sister papers had caused a lot of unease within the political circles after running two separate pieces speculating that Moyo was on the verge of defecting to the ruling party and/or retiring from politics.

In a statement, Moyo said he wanted it known that the reports are a desperate ploy by detractors to inspire a spirit of doubt on the “formidable” BMD project.

“It is going to be a long journey. It is going to be difficult along the way and even as we face challenges we must be united in upholding the principles that we uphold as the BMD and avoid at all costs that which might divide us. Some will falter along the way but the bigger picture should not be about individuals. It is not about me but the cause and the collective.”

Moyo says he left the Botswana Democratic Party because there was need to bring back the dignity of our beloved nation.

“I left in order to protect civil liberties of the citizens and residents of this country which have been eroded, I left in order to promote, awaken and re-entrench civic activism which is currently muted; I left because I wanted this nation to re-entrench the rule of law which is now but a plodding parody of what our founding fathers had made it to be…. I left so as to promote economic access for all and universal inclusion and thus fight the corruption culture.”
A Member of Parliament for Tati East, Moyo is also the interim Treasurer of the Botswana Movement for Democracy.

“I have never been in doubt about the BMD providing the best platform for the achievement of these ideals as well as drive this country to the next level. I hold these ideals most dearly and I am convicted to the fact that men, women, youth, friends and partners of the Botswana Movement for Democracy and their leadership, of which I am a part, constitute an essential part of the impetus for the change of this nation’s needs.”


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