Tuesday, April 20, 2021

“Informer” protected by law- Skelemani

Anonymous sources who blow the whistle on corruption are protected by law ÔÇô Presidential Affairs Minister Phandu Skelemani told parliament on Thursday.

Skelemani says the Common Law provides that where it is just and proper, “the identity of an informer should not be disclosed.”

He further said the Corruption and Economic Crime Act provided that “in a trial for an offence under Part IV i.e corruption, bribery, conflict of interest, cheating the public revenue and possession of unexplained property, a witness shall not be obliged to disclose the name and address of an informer or state any further than might lead to the discovery of an informer.

Skelemani said entries in a document before court which might lead to the identification of an informer are to be concealed. “As under Common Law, an informer who lies is not protected and if justice so requires the court may permit full disclosure of an informer.

Skelemani was answering questions from Gaborone South MP, Akanyang Magama. The MP had asked why Botswana does not have a whistle blower law to protect sources.


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