Sunday, May 28, 2023

“Jimmy George; the Einstein of Soccer”

Dear Editor,

The MTN African Nations cup has just come to an end and I wish to commend BTV for having found it fit to broadcast live the African soccer show piece so that those who can not afford fees that are charged by some pay televisions can also have their own moment of joy.

But there is one gentleman who impressed me during this tournament. He did not play in the tourney.

What he did was to give us a comprehensive analysis that surpassed all.

He is BTV soccer analyst, Jimmy George indeed the man is the “Einstein of Soccer.”

Just like Albert Einstein, the 1921 physics Nobel prize winner who always appeared to have a clear view of the problems of physics and a determination to solve them, Jimmy was always spot on in his analysis.

From his analysis one can sense that he has an in depth knowledge of African soccer.

I had feared that bureaucratic bottlenecks would delay BTV to broadcast these games and so I took my last money to subscribe to Multichoice.

But to be frank I did not get my money’s worth, especially with some mediocre analysis from former Nigerian coach, Clemens Westerhoff. There is no doubt that Westerhoff has got a rich CV as far as soccer coaching is concerned but his analysis of the games left much to be desired. He is an empty vessel who just wanted to settle scores with his former bosses of the Nigerian Football Association.

When BTV joined the fray after finalizing payment to broadcast the games, Jimmy George was there to rescue me from the mediocre analysis of Westerhoff and his ilk. When he does his analysis, Jimmy is always oozing with confidence.

He is cool, calm and collected. Unlike other analysts before he goes to the studio Jimmy does a lot of research on the teams that are playing and this makes him a cut above the rest!!!!

Surely, Jimmy is what the doctor had ordered for the BTV sports desk. He is a legend who can make some of the world’s renowned soccer analysts blush with envy. Keep it up, Jimmy; you are the “Einstein of Soccer.”

Temba Sibanda


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