Wednesday, April 14, 2021

“Loose canon is behaving like a Nazi rapist”

Dear Editor

It is with great disgust, but not much surprise, that I read your letters page dated 15 ÔÇô 21 October 2006 Loose Canon ÔÇô “Zuma will sort out the whites in South Africa.”

The letters content itself is naturally not worth responding to, it is obviously written by someone with an IQ less than that of a moron, the political uptake of a doorknob, the lucidity of someone in a coma, and the humanity of a second world war Nazi. He is obviously, amongst other things, a racist of the highest order and I wish him all the interesting life he so justly deserves.

I’m very glad to report that while things in South Africa are troubled on occasion, they are not that different to what they are the world over ÔÇô Botswana included.

The planet is struggling under the weight of too many people, too much industry and too much waste. Information and access to information at the speeds we have to getting this information across the globe itself presents huge problems for governments on a world wide basis. Governments and or groups /individuals can no longer summarily get away with abusing their citizens ÔÇô or other inhabitants of the planets rights with the same impunity of years ago.

But to the subject of South Africa, unlike your reader, South Africans as a general rule, are a forward looking, positive and hopeful nation ÔÇô in all our rainbow colours we accept our diversity and have worked hard over the last 12 years ÔÇô and many for decades before that – to develop a society that we can all partake in, to create a future for our citizens and children to enjoy without prejudice ÔÇô your readers’ obsession with colour is only prevalent here in people with like minded narrow views ÔÇô the rest of us are moving forward.

For what it is worth ÔÇô your reader should do some research on the ANC and democracy in general to start with.

It is a system of government that encourages debate, differences of opinion and fundamental freedoms of all people ÔÇô the women he so denigrates included. ÔÇô How would he like others referring to his wife and mother the way he does to South African wives and mothers. Rapists like him eventually end up in jail where hopefully Mr. Big will teach him some lessons in decency and humility in the shower.

Second to this we have one of the best constitutions in the world and an independent Judiciary to protect this constitution and the citizens’ rights and protection from lunatics like your reader, corruption, and governmental interference. It is not perfect, but it is a road we are traveling together with a defined destination point in mind.

For his education he should also take heed of some of Mr. Zuma’s utterances in recent times ÔÇô the most recent being that, not only does he believe that white South Africans have a right to live in the country, contribute to the economy, growth and prosperity of the country as a whole, but that he ÔÇô as we all do ÔÇô consider all South Africans to be Africans ÔÇô White, black, brown, pink, green and red. Born and bred Africans. Sorry Mr. Idiot, but even the man you profess to support will deny you and would be abhorred by your letter.

You stand alone as a carbuncle on the ass of the planet.

But more importantly: The printing of this hate speech in a newspaper without opinion

on its content, is however something that you as an instrument of opinion should be considering with more seriousness than you obviously have. It not only reflects badly upon you as a newspaper but upon the whole of Botswana and its citizens as members of the human race. Shame on you!

Brian Little
(South Africa)


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