Monday, October 26, 2020

“Loose canon is sexist”

Dear Editor

I have just been shown the article that was printed in The Sunday Standard – “President Zuma will sort out White people out”.

 I have to say I am totally shocked that you allowed a disgusting article like that to be published in your newspaper.

I have lived here all my life and have always felt at peace and calm in our country and have never experienced any form of discrimination until today.

I am a white woman and a Motswana and have always felt happy in my home country.
The author of the article obviously has issues that he needs to sort out.

He is quite obviously a big racist who also has sexist issues. Perhaps he needs to seek professional counseling for help with his problems.

 As a white Motswana woman (with 3 white Motswana children), who has every right to live in Botswana freely and has every right to be offended by his article, I would like to see an apology printed to all Motswana  people.

Yours faithfully
Ingrid Theart


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