Monday, May 16, 2022

“Masitara is running a good race”

Dear editor

I have been criticized by people saying that I behave like Masitara’s spokesman.
Such people think I always defend him.
But the truth is: I have a good job, which I enjoy everyday of my life and Masitara happens to be a true democrat who will always stand and fight for his party and so am I. Some people also criticize me saying I am the VPs biggest bootlicker because I always praise him more than I praise my God.
But the truth is no-one is greater than God.

Ian Khama was born to continue with the legacy. I believe we are yet to experience the glory days, peace and tranquility will always reign. Our economy is going to be the best ever in the region believe it or not, just wait and see! Ladies and Gentlemen, pettiness and jealousy will take us nowhere. This is evident in that some high ranking members of our society view Masitara as a threat rather than an asset. “It’s a fact”. The philanthropist and pioneer businessman faced a long four year rape trial that was thrown out of court by Magistrate Nyamadzabo who acquitted Masitara on June 30, 2007 deeming the case a sham and fabrication.

Within a week after the end of his trial, he stood for the ruling BDP Central Committee Elections. Against all odds, he still went on to win by a landslide. This clearly indicates the trust and the confidence our people have in Masitara. The leadership of the party then appointed him a Member of Central Committee responsible for the entire Gaborone Region composed of five constituencies being Gaborone North, Gaborone Central, Gaborone South, Gaborone West North and Gaborone West South. Clearly, an outstanding feat for one so young in politics. It is no wonder Masitara has managed to pick up a few envy-eaten critics in high places. It’s a fact.

The National Youth Executive Council ÔÇô The BDP’s Youth Wing has never, in its history, nominated a name for voting at Congress apart from two exceptions being Vice President Ian Khama, at the Gantsi Congress, and Mr. Robert Masitara, at the Molepolole Congress. A true attestation of the skill and support Masitara wields in the heart of the people. Fact.

Now comes the Tax Case, which I assume was conveniently placed to ensure it coincides with Primary and National Elections. Luckily, the Gaborone West North electorates did not buy into it and elected Masitara as their unopposed consensus parliamentary candidate. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Masitara is going to win this case also, as it is based on flimsy grounds. When have we ever heard of one being taxed on his wedding or personal wedding presents, surely?

Lately, the Mmegi Newspaper published an article on Masitara’s pledge of P100, 000 to the BDP. This pledge was for the 2009 General Elections and we all know, a pledge does not have a deadline and can be paid anytime before the campaign for the coming General Elections, which Masitara will obviously pay. The fact that Masitara has not paid the pledge yet is no issue at all. There were a lot of people who pledged as well, for example, I can confidently and boldly announce that I pledged P2, 500 because that is what I can afford and will surely pay. Mr Satar Dada, our BDP Treasurer, must have all this in his book.

All of these cases are simply saying the “bark of a dog with no bite”. I do not want to believe that some BDP members also may be after Masitara’s neck. It is for this reason that the main strategy adopted by his detractors, with the help of the Editors of some media houses, is to tarnish his image by publishing only the articles they perceive to be of a damaging-nature.

It is undisputed that Masitara has done a lot for our Nation. He has set the stand of philanthropy in our Nation; he has given our kids hope that through dedication and persistence, even in the face of insurmountable obstacles, one can still make it. It is funny and strange how very few of these events are given the limelight.

We cheer on Masitara’s efforts and extend our invisible hands of support. We encourage him to carry on his philanthropic and political pursuits, for him and others like him who bring hope for the nation’s future. We advise Masitara not to respond to any media articles. As I usually say, the great God up in heaven is watching. Be blessed and remember: do not be demoralized by a few individuals who have their hidden agendas and never extend their hands to the underprivileged.



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