Friday, September 30, 2022

“Police you are becoming open to the Nation! Congratulations”

Dear Editor

The police are becoming closer and closer to us by becoming open and honest.

In actual fact, the uniformed men and ladies are displaying a sign of building trust and rapport with the people they protect.

History has proved that they are now moving from police force to community service

Things they do these days show they are on the right track.

What is pleasing is that they are doing that without compromising their work and that is what Batswana need.

The information that they shared with the public that some police officers were involved in corrupt practices and some were from traffic section has improved the level of trust with the public.

We are not saying it is a good thing to have some of you involved in criminal offences but it’s a good thing to share this vital information.
In the past, they wouldn’t have openly shared with us.

In a way, that also contributed to the rise in crime.

Thank you for telling us the truth that a certain percentage of your staff also contributed to this escalating crime in our country.

We knew 30 years ago that some of you were involved in criminal activities but denial was always the song of the day.

There is no question that some of the public do connive or entice police officers to commit crime
Sharing information with the public is, in a way, educating them to be aware of this and to stop enticing the young boys to ask for and receive bribes.

A police officer is a human being like anybody else, time has come for the other parties like judiciary, teachers, lawyers, immigration, customs, BDF, churches, courts, parliamentarians, councilors, chiefs and others to be open to the public as well and share the statistics with us.

The idea is to work together as a nation not to turn anybody into a laughing stock.

We need to be open and reduce crime in this country, ba bareng ba tsieditswe ke motho are o ka ba okeletsa madi must be treated as criminals.
They should pay back all the money they gave to conmen.

Preaching has been done so we all now know that madi ga a okediwe ke ope except interest earned at the banks.

Let me take this opportunity once again to congratulate the police for the good work they are doing.

These days arrests are often made.
Even complicated syndicates are exposed.
We recognize your efforts.
To the Police Commissioner and your management team, we appreciate your efforts.

We know the world is getting complicated but you are trying your best ladies and gentlemen.

Keep it up.

Special constables, you are part of police; we appreciate and recognize your contributions to stop or control crime in this country not forgetting security companies.

Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime, the milk teeth are slowly being replaced by permanent teeth; we need a full mouth of permanent teeth.

Ma-Man OB.Goepamang


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