Wednesday, January 19, 2022

“Spencer Mogapi, an enemy of the BCP”

BCP’s No1 ENEMY Spencer Mogapi of the watchdog fame has launched a propagandist incursion on the BOTSWANA CONGRESS PARTY. Under the clutter of his fiefdom, the Watchdog column, the Sunday Standard Deputy Editor has been notorious of writing untruths and defamatory articles in a futile attempt at discrediting the main opposition and by extension it’s Leader Dumelang Saleshando.

It was post the collapse of the unity talks that the leopard in Mogapi revealed its spots. Over and above unduly imputing the BCP for the failure of the talks and its leader for fearing that he might not get the Presidency of the coalition Umbrella, an allegation he peddled minus any concrete proof and substance, the columnist averred that BCP is owned and controlled by a clandestine cabal of businessmen from the Northern part of Botswana. Of course this averment was once again not substantiated. Mogapi stopped short of labelling BCP a tribalist political organization, a malicious and libelous accusation we expect from social network scoundrels and certainly not from a lead columnist of Mogapi’s calibre.

Then in his paper The Telegraph, from nowhere appeared an article accusing Mrs Dineo Saleshando, wife to the BCP leader of forming a bank with, among others, Hon Tshekedi Khama, brother to BDP leader and State President HE S.K.I Khama. That was flagrant piece of journalism which aimed to mendaciously buttress the link between the Saleshandos and the Khamas vis-a-vis business interests and commercial relations. The headline cast aspersions on Hon D Saleshando’s credibility by labelling him a turncoat who criticizes H.E S.K.I Khama at the floor of parliament at midday and then wine and dines with him at midnight concluding lucrative business deals. That was diametrically spurious, it was pure propaganda which was extremely defamatory since it was later ascertained that the BCP leader’s wife had never had any business partnership whatsoever with Hon Tshekedi Khama.

The article desired to bamboozle the unsuspecting public and give political mileage to the BCP’s rivals, especially the UDC. Over the years, post the failure of the opposition coalition talks, The Telegraph editor has mutated into a defacto UDC campaign manager, the watchdog advertently fails to bark at the myriad of problems besieging the UDC but is so quick to bark at any trivial issue within the BCP. Furthermore he is incessant in his umbrageous accusation that BCP bolted out of the Umbrella talks when it’s known by all and sundry that the talks failed before any party could bolt out.

I am tentative of Mogapi’s political inclination, but I’m certain he is neither fond of the colour lime nor the rally cry ‘Kgololo’. He was at pains to praise the BCP after their act of political ingenuity in releasing a Shadow Cabinet which underlined that indeed the BCP is READY TO LEAD.

Mogapi must be advised to desist from his predilective writings against the BCP as it impugns his credibility as a journalist. As a columnist, precisely, objectivity is paramount and albeit inclined to have political movement you adhere to, it ought not to be discernable to a blind man.

*The writer is a BCP activist at Gaborone Central


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