Friday, February 26, 2021

“The people have spoken”

When the people have spoken who can stand to contend?

So, first things first, a big Congratulations to our President H.E. Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama for designating a working day for the purpose of voting, even though we cannot overlook the fact that the day went down as a holiday for those who choose not to exercise their right to vote for whatever reason after having registered! Shame on them that show being irresponsible and unpatriotic.
I want to believe that this is one of the reasons many Batswana, mainly the youth and my fellow Church members who worship on a Saturday, “Sabbath”, went in droves to have their say heard.
For that, we thank you, Mr. President, Thank you once more. Thank you!

May I also hasten to thank the President, my fellow adult youth, who contested for Council seats and Parliamentary seats and, of course, won, for having trusted and believing faithfully in the healthy political system.

Furthermore, as they will be deliberating on issues affecting all Batswana equally, this indeed is commendable and we welcome you with baited breathing for what seems to be a very interesting Parliament to watch and listen to.

I only wish BTV could broadcast live the Parliamentary sessions.
I am hopeful that these parleys will encourage Batswana to go and listen to the Debates, as large numbers of young Batswana have shown a keen interest in politics in their vote participation these Elections of 2009 in comparison to the previous ones.

As for the IEC, I have a feeling that some officers in this office must give way to young people to continue with the good works they have started. The SADC Election Observer Mission has commended the IEC and Batswana on the smooth running state of affairs, the transparency and the peaceful manner in which elections were carried out in its entirety.

However, let us not be smitten by the positives and take heed of the negatives in the form of advice from the wise men and women in the SADC Election Observer Mission for the next coming elections. Voter registration points should be amassed targeting busy arrears like bus ranks, malls etc.
However, I beg to disagree with the SADC Observers in as far as funding of opposition parties as SADC has not mandated its members to do so and, at the moment, it is up to each member country to do as it wishes.
The ruling BDP has made it clear more than once that Botswana is not yet ready for such!

As for me Betsho, my own personal observation is that youth should have been deployed interchangeably with the Electorate Officers e.g. every 4 hours. This, in my own humble opinion, would jerk up some zealous youth, giving them a first hand glimpse or should I say an up-close and personal perspective of the inside and behind the scenes story of the voting system. This maybe would encourage these adult youth to be pro-active politicians and/or give them a different perspective when it comes to the seriousness of voting and elections, holistically.

Above all, I thank Batswana for voting right. If the opposition could not have taken over Governance in this past election, they must forget of such an ambition. Batswana will always vote the right party, in the safe arms of BDP where old is gold, stronger and best, where siblings are refined towards perfection. Furthermore, I welcome Rre Molefhabangwe with open arms and to those others out there, as I always say “there is lots of room in my fathers’ house”, don’t be shy.

May I also congratulate the new cabinet and emphasize that work has begun and delivery is the key word ÔÇô we want results of the promises that are still so fresh on your tongues. As one of the renowned Radio presenters, Dignash “The Boss”, said, he wishes the President adds the sixth “D” for Dismiss, especially for our beloved cabinet members and every civil servant that will diligently show disregard to the 5Ds.

I further congratulate the first woman National Speaker, Mme Dr. Nnananyana Nasha.

Mma, you make us proud, a true pioneer for the women folk. To all you civil servants entrusted with our future, we pray and trust that God will steer our beloved country and that you will deliver faithfully, as we are keenly watching you under the leadership of the president, us the people of the people by whom you have been sworn to serve.

Eddie Mdluli


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