Monday, May 27, 2024

‘Black listing law in the offing’- Sub land board

Mankgodi residents have been cautioned that a law to blacklist those who sell plots after being allocated might be imminent. The black listing period will be until the last name in the next list has been allocated.

This means that should such a law pass, then everyone who sells a plot after being allocated will stay for years without being re-considered for re-allocation.

The caution was made by a Member of Thamaga Sub Land Board, Tlotlo Letlole, Thursday when addressing a well attended Kgotla meeting meant to consult with residents to find out what queries they collectively had concerning land. He was responding to concerns raised by one of the village’s leaders who pointed out the fact that he had advocated for allocation of Mankgodi residents, only to discover later that of the forty plots that were allocated already 13 were in different names from those that applied. It turns out that some people have sold the plots just to buy vehicles.

Some of those vehicles are permanently parked as their maintenance proved unaffordable to them.
“I can now ask you following this disappointment that you can now allocate people from other places in Mankgodi,” said Tlokwe Tsaile.

One of the residents, an elderly woman, expressed how heartbroken she was following betrayal by one of her grand children. The old woman gave her grand son the family home, telling him that he should never dare sell it. The mistake she made was to change the name in plot certificate and gave access to it.

They – she and her children – were shocked to hear that he sold the plot without any consultation.
The Thamaga Sub land Board chairperson, Puna Sekgetle, informed the old woman, who had asked whether the Land board could not help or whether they just let children sell plot without informing parents and overseers that under such circumstances the issue was out of hands for them.

If the plot was registered in the child’s name then he could sell it without consultation.

The area Councillor, Dux Mafoko, informed members that land is not sold. It is the developments that are made in the plot that are sold. So people should not think of selling plots as this is illegal.


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