Monday, August 15, 2022

‘Consumer fair comes a month earlier’

Fairgrounds Holdings, in consultation with key stakeholders, decided to host this year’s Botswana Consumer Fair from the 25th to the 31st July 2011, a month earlier than the traditional schedule, said a press release.

It added that the Botswana Consumer Fair is a general services show and takes into account all sectors of the economy, including the educational sector. This sector uses this platform for promotion of information and knowledge to students. It is of paramount importance that all sectors benefit from this platform and, as such, Fairground Holdings was prompted to change the dates of the Fair to accommodate the school calendar.

In the press release, Mrs. Nyaladzi Kutjwe, Marketing and Communications Manager of Fairgrounds Holdings, said, “Botswana Consumer Fair attracts over 60 000 visitors during the seven-day-event and various stakeholders have vested interest in capturing this concentrated population in one place for business or national interest. As management, we took a decision to move the event from August to July so that we can maximise the profitability of our product.”

She added that the slogan for the Botswana Consumer Fair (‘Your Spring Shopping Oasis’) has also been changed as it had out-lived its purpose as well as the fact that the event was no longer going to be held in the spring.

“The slogan had run for the past five years and it was prudent for us to create a timeless slogan that evokes utility and emotional appeal,” explained the Marketing & Communications Manager.
For the next five years, the new slogan for the Botswana Consumer Fair will be “SHOP. DISCOVER. EXPLORE”.

The Botswana Consumer Fair promises to offer physical utility value and emotional sentiments that are alien to the normal shopping malls. It is this unique experience that motivates visitors to come to the Botswana Consumer Fair.

This event is a paradise that offers latest product innovations and trends for the savvy shopper to discover.

The Botswana Consumer Fair that attracts local, regional and international business from as far as Asia, Europe and the Americas is a forum for businesses to explore new market dimensions through product demonstrations, benchmarking, awareness creation, market research and networking opportunities, concluded the release.


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