Wednesday, March 22, 2023

‘Fresh Thinking Series’ continues to motivate aspiring entrepreneurs

The second instalment of the ‘Fresh Thinking Series’ which was held on Monday has been hailed a success and inspiration to budding entrepreneurs. 

Aspiring entrepreneurs, who attended the series held at Avani Hotel, could not hide excitement about the opportunity that came about with the series. The Series is designed to be a platform that promotes intellectual capital sharing across the globe with particular interest in delivering engagement, partnerships and networking opportunities that are meant to catapult Africa’s development trajectory. 

Leader of the organisers of the series, Larona Makgoeng said Monday that the platform is intended to present opportunities by innovators/ pioneers and provide opportunities for those seeking to invest and lastly to provide solutions.

The model of the Series also seeks to create an ecosystem and a nexus that connects business persons, investors, innovators, governments, and the private sector across the spectrum of local, regional and global level. “The ultimate goal is to achieve legacy initiatives as a result of this nexus in different African countries,” said Makgoeng. 

The inaugural panel of The Fresh Thinking series last year included among others, Bibop Gresta, Callistus Phologolo, Robbie Brozen, Themba Baloyi, Ludwick Marishane and Dr. Tiroyaone Mampane of Boitekanelo Group. 

This year, the Buzz Group brought together speakers amongst them Abdullah Verachia, Adriana Marais, Percy Raditladi, Kate Maphage, Proffesor Luke Chimuka, Letsebe Sejoe as well as BNandos founder Robbie Brozen. 

The 2016 theme, “Nurturing ‘Fresh’ Thinking”  intended to encourage a constituency of the series followers to break the so called ‘glass ceiling’ and provide solutions that move the needle in the right direction delivering meaningful impact.

 At the heart of The Fresh Thinking Series is the desire to create a constituency of individuals, corporate sector and government that look at things from a well-considered and deeply thought out perspective. Equally The Fresh Thinking Series model is meant to create a collaborative ecosystem of entities and individuals who are driven by the desire to push boundaries and do extra ordinary things in their own personal spaces or for the country.


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