Thursday, April 18, 2024

‘Khama promised me ambassadorial position’ – Pheto

Member of Parliament for Mmopane-Lentsweletau and independent candidate in the upcoming General Elections, Moeng Pheto has said he rejected President Ian Khama’s offer not to contest the elections in exchange for an ambassadorial position after the general elections.

Pheto told the electorates at his own launch in Lentsweletau village at the weekend that he received a telephone call from the President himself requesting to see him at his office.

“Upon my arrival the president told me that he has learnt that I was going to contest the October general elections as an independent candidate. He then requested me not to contest the October elections promising that I and him can negotiate after the elections,” he said.

The Mmopane-Lentsweletau legislator reiterated that President Khama promised to offer him an ambassadorial position in one of the countries immediately after the elections.

“I momentarily considered the offer wisely then I said to myself, ‘the reason why there is corruption and nepotism is as a result of this. That is how it starts,” he said.

Pheto added that “I thought of my campaign team. I thought of my council candidates then I questioned myself whether I will be loyal to the constituents, to my campaign team and my council candidates if I say yes to the President’s offer? I told to him I cannot betray my constituents; I am not going to be used by certain individuals for their own gain. I represent the constituents of Mmopane Lentsweletau.”

Pheto explained that he is not the kind who can be easily persuaded by those with power and their riches.

“I am a man of integrity and I respect myself. I am not a sell-out; I am fighting for my constituents and this nation. I do not serve my personal interest but I serve the people of this constituency; I serve the people of Botswana. I am not a sell-out like Mephato Reatile who just wants to be in Khama’s good books hoping that after the elections he will be made to head a certain Ministry,” he said.

Furthermore Pheto said the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) got it wrong when they thought he can be tossed around because he knows what he stands for. Pheto resigned from the ruling BDP citing irregularities in the primary elections. He said he was not happy with the way his case was handled after he lost to Vincent Seretse in the primary elections. 13 000 people were unable to vote in the primary elections. Pheto believed that if his former party would have allowed those 13 000 people to vote in the primary elections they would have won him the primaries. He said he couldn’t stand the BDP to force Vincent Seretse on Mmopane ÔÇô Lentsweletau constituents. He noted that about 800 people from Mahalapye constituency voted Seretse in the primaries adding that the outcome of the primaries represented the views of Mahalapye West constituents not Mmopane-Lentsweletau constituents.

Independent council candidate for Mosekangwetsi ward in Gaborone Bonnington South constituency who also left the BDP, Azhani Maphorisa told Mmopane-Lentsweletau constituents that Pheto is the only MP who can represent them going forward.

“Vote Pheto going forward, we will not allow you to vote in the wrong people. The reason why we are having a high number of independent candidates is because we cannot sit and watch as you the electorate vote people who put their personal interest first. Vote the person you trust. Vote the person you know,” he said.


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