Thursday, June 20, 2024

‘Poor work ethic dampens Botswana’s competitiveness’

Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Communications (Corporate Services), Rose Sennanyana last week raised concerns about Botswana’s poor performance in the world competitive ratings.


When giving a keynote address during the WITs (Work Improvement Teams) Mini Convention hosted by MTC in Francistown last week, Sennanyana said it is important for Batswana to adhere to good work ethics that will lead to enhanced competitiveness.


“I want us to note that as much as there are benefits for working as a team, we can only realize positive results if we have good work ethic. The issue of ethics has for many years been Botswana’s main problem in the world competitive index rating,” she said.


Botswana currently stands at number 74 as per the 2014/ 2015 world competitive index ratings. The WITs convention was held to raise productivity and quality awareness within the Ministry, give public officers an opportunity to reflect on their respective performances, facilitate identification of new areas for improvement and growth, create an opportunity for information sharing and benchmarking among Ministry departments and strengthen strategic links in the productivity movement. The initiative also comprised of a structure through which public officers work in teams in an effort to address issues that affect them in the work environment.

Sennanyana continued to explain that good work ethics are about the right attitude, correct behavior respect for others and effective co-creation. She said good work ethics are intrinsic in the life of any public officer as they involve morality and values. She further added that the Public Service Charter, through its eight principles, describes in detail the work ethic that is expected from all public servants. She also said the most important components of good work ethics are honesty, efficiency, positive work habits positive attitude and team work.

“Any job, regardless of its size, that is assigned to a public officer must be done with utmost honesty. Efficiency is also good for both personal and organizational growth. Efficiency remains a hallmark of great achievers. Anything done on time satisfies self and the beneficiaries of the service. Inefficient workers can easily be noticed,” she said.

On positive work habits, Sennanyana said some issues that are taken for granted such as late coming should be discouraged at all costs. Sennanyana said a leader who comes to work late will set a bad example for the subordinates to follow suit. She further said maintaining a positive attitude at work is very important to successful accomplishments of one’s task.

“No matter what role you play, consider that you are always part of a team. Whatever you do must not only benefit you, but also the rest of the team members,” she added.

On a positive note, she said that her Ministry has in the past celebrated its achievements and innovations through the Ministry’s awards. She also said the WITs Mini Convention was a very important initiative as it accorded them a platform to interact and reflect on their performance as a Ministry.

“This platform provides us with an opportunity to share experiences and challenges we encounter in our bid to improve the quality of services we deliver to customers,” she said.


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