Wednesday, August 10, 2022

‘Rising number of non-citizens own plots in Bodibane’

A Mogoditshane Sub-land board official, Bicca Montshiwa told residents of Bodibane settlement near Gabane village recently that he feared that some places under his offices’ jurisdiction might in the near future be ruled by foreigners.

He said that of the 500 plots allocated in Mokolodi recently, more than 400 were already registered under different names from those they were allocated for, showing that they had been sold or there had been change of ownership.

Most of the plots were transfered to Asian nationals, Montshiwa said, adding that should this trend continue, these Asians would have the advantage over locals in electing leadership of their choice.

Monthsiwas was speaking in a Kgotla meeting he addressed with other officers at the settlement’s kgotla.

“So I fear that places like Mokolodi might in the near future have an Asian chief,” said Montshiwa.

He further cautioned residents against corruption and urged residents not to condone it as it might lead to danger and serious loss.

There is no point in oiling someone’s hands so as to get quick service while the person earns salary to do that, he said.

Montshiwa also said all matters concerning land should not be done without the involvement of the land board.

“But you have the tendency to do transactions with people who pretend to have land documents without involving land boards, only to come to us when deals get sour. Be cautious of these things,” he said.

For his part, the Sub land board’s Secretary, Antony Bashingi, advised the residents that they should be aware of the problems that are beginning to show due to the on-going registration of plots.

He said there are land phony land agents everywhere in the country, narrating an incidence where a Molepolole-based man came to visit his parents near Mogoditshane.

The man found a Nigerian and an Indian man waiting at his parents’ field. When he enquired about their presence, they told him they were waiting for an agent in connection with the plot they were standing next to. The man did not delay and reported the matter to the Land board .

Action has been taken and the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) is tackling the matter.


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