Friday, June 21, 2024

BNF allays fears of loss of confidence in Ntuane

The Botswana National Front has distanced itself from insinuations that their resolution to alternate the position of the Leader of Opposition in the House between itself and the Botswana Movement for Democracy is borne out of lack of confidence in the incumbent.

“We do not attach any personalities to our intent to share the position with BMD. It is just a principle to work together as a team,” said BNF publicity secretary Moeti Mohwasa, insisting, however, the issue was a sensitive one that should not be discussed in public until the matter is tabled and discussed by the parties.

Public criticism and fear heightened over the weeks as it became clear that BNF leadership was eager to have the position of Leader of Opposition alternate between the parties.

“The issue is still on the table and there is still no time frame as yet decided to reach the conclusion,” Mohwasa said.


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