Tuesday, January 19, 2021

‘The media is not patriotic’ – Khama

President Ian Khama on Friday launched a scathing attack on the private media, specifically the print media, for writing what he called falsehoods about his administration and for calling him a dictator.

Numerous times in his speech, Khama made reference to the private media, accusing them of bias against him in their reports.

“The media manufacture lies about me because they want to sell their papers. They never write about the good things that my government has done, because they know that the truth is boring. Instead, they call me a dictator and accuse me of using the Directorate of Intelligence and Security to spy on Batswana. They know that this will make profits for them,” said Khama.

He further accused the media of trying to make his job difficult by writing negative things about his administration.

He accused the media of not being patriotic as they portray a negative image about Botswana in their articles. He said that he expects the media and all other Batswana to think about their country first before writing or saying anything about their country.

“We must think about our country first. The media acts like they do not belong to Botswana. They are trying to show the outside world that there is anarchy and irresponsibility in this country,” he said.

Khama said he is not fazed by the media, as he has a well mapped out plan for Botswana, and he will be vindicated in the end.

He said he has been observing democrats desecrating party rules and regulations under the leadership of former Presidents Ketumile Masire and Festus Mogae.

“But the former leadership did not take any action against them. They wanted Rre Mogae to elect them to cabinet, when he did not, they opposed the BDP and government in parliament. In the end he called them billy goats. I cannot condone such acts of indiscipline in the BDP. I will instil discipline. If anyone has a problem with that, they can leave the BDP in peace,” he said.
Khama went on to say that he cannot accept an opposition party within the BDP, as he only works for the interests of Batswana.

He added that he will only work with individuals who will only help him to forward the BDP agenda, and not that of the BMD, as the BDP is in rule.

“The BMD will only end up in the front pages. They will not go anywhere. Come 2014, I am confident that Batswana will re elect the BDP back into power,” he said.


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