Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Of self acceptance and self respect

Self acceptance is a psychological attitude. Self acceptance means accepting the self, offering proper value to the self worth. In most cases, we usually look for public acceptance and appreciation in order to gratify our social existence.

However, social recognition is a vague term which is neither tangible in character nor permanent in nature. On the contrary, self acceptance is an affirmation of the self, an experience of the real soul. Self acceptance is the capability of acknowledging the errors committed and then correcting them to achieve a higher value in life.

It is also a habit of finding out our good qualities and nurturing them to attain a high level of dignity in life. Self acceptance makes us more positive about ourselves; it helps to chop off all our association with negativity, thereby offering us a noble cause to live.

Self respect refers to the mental state which is highly motivated by our self knowledge.
Our self respect is our feeling of being deserving and admirable as a human being. Self respect means focusing on the ways to make ourselves happy, healthy and cheerful. Greater self respect is achievable once we have an in depth view about ourselves, our principles, desires, likings, attributes, and self awareness.

Self respect is our own asset; it cannot be purchased or borrowed from anybody; and, it is our inborn right to be happy and contented. Hence, Self respect is nurtured on our personal value system. Our care for the ‘self’ establishes how much respect we keep for ourselves, what we think for us, and how much concern we bear about us.

Self acceptance and self respect are two integrated virtues of life; these are the true reaches of human being. Self acceptance is the first and foremost condition of self respect. Self acceptance is a practice which strengthens our self belief, and our self belief helps to fight back all evil influences like lack of confidence, disappointment, anger and negativism in life.

Self respect strengthens our mental attitude and expands our possibility for self acceptance. Self acceptance means hopefulness towards the self which is measured on the basis of the goodness of the soul. Self regret is unholy; it is a crime which paralyses our mind. We become a victim of doubt if we fall short of self respect.

On the other hand, self acceptance boosts our self confidence and develops our self respect. Self respect not only enhances our qualities and possibilities but also introduces us with the greater arena of life. A deep understanding of the self worth awakens all our senses. It’s a phase of consciousness which helps us to control all evils in life. Since we accept ourselves and control our senses, we become calm and poised.

Self acceptance needs the discovery of the real self. Self acceptance is an occasion of exchanging our bad characteristics with our good ones. It brings positivity in life removing all ignorance and shadows of life.

We grow up with higher values and respects in life and find ourselves second to none.
Hence, self acceptance is a tribute to our self respect.


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