Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Over 60% Botswana companies hit by cyber-attacks in 2018

A report by Modley, a global leader in network and endpoint security, has confirmed earlier findings that Botswana is the cyber crime capital of Africa. While earlier reports by Check Point ranked Botswana as the most-attacked country in its list of 117 at-risk nations, a recent report by Modley also lists Botswana among African countries most hit by cyber attacks in 2018.

About 63 percent of Botswana businesses were hit by cyber attacks in 2018 followed closely by Malawi. In their findings, the company revealed that most cybercriminals in Botswana are detected at the server (41 percent), 37 percent are detected on the network whilst nine percent are found on endpoints.

Over 19 percent threats discovered in Botswana are on mobile devices, almost twice than the global average. The survey which polled more than 2, 500 IT (information technology) technicians from businesses in 45 African countries revealed that IT securities remains a key issue across Africa with 69 percent of organisations surveyed hit by cyber attacks in 2018 (63 percent organisations in Botswana).

According to Modley, cyber criminals are more likely to be caught on organisation’s servers in Botswana than anywhere else. “IT managers in Botswana discovered 41 percent of their most significant cyber attacks on their servers whilst 37 percent on its networks,” read part of the report adding that organisations on the African continent that were impacted by cyber attacks were struck at least thrice.

Further compounding this problem is the fact that 60 percent of Botswana IT managers who fell victim to cyber attacks in 2018 were not able to pinpoint how the attackers gained entry and 43 percent did not know how long the threat was in the environment before it was detected, according to the survey.

As part of their recommendations, Modley says IT managers must make efforts to shield and guard their servers as most businesses are increasingly using them to store sensitive data such as financial and employee sensitive data.

In 2017 a Checkpoint report revealed that a total of 37889 cyber attacks originated from Botswana which accounted for 3 percent of all cyber attacks on the African continent. In the report, Botswana ranked eighth among Africa’s ten biggest sources of cyber attacks, whilst South Africa was the leading source of cyber attacks accounting for 25% of all attacks in the continent.


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