Thursday, February 29, 2024

Panda Bricks Plant defrauded of millions

Some employees of Panda Bricks Plant are at the centre of police investigations after they allegedly defrauded the company of money estimated to be close to P5 million.
Panda Bricks is owned by millionaire businessman John Maynardt.

Police have identified about five suspects who are believed to have played an active role in defrauding their employer of the millions while no “thebe” has yet been recovered from the bogus bank accounts that were created by the suspects.

It is understood that before the money was stolen, the alleged suspects created bogus bank accounts in which the money was deposited into.

Detective Assistant Police Commissioner, Kesetsenao Tsweneitsele, in Francistown confirmed to The Telegraph that they are investigating the case.

He said investigations are still far from over.

“It is possible that the number of suspects may increase depending on the depth of investigations,” he said.

When contacted for comment, the General Manager of Panda Bricks in Francistown, Andre Van Zyl, said, “It is true that there is such a case but the case is being handled by the police therefore I am not in a position to discuss the matter.”


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