Sunday, December 5, 2021

Paradox: an artist with distinction

“I am a rapper,” is a very refreshing identity in an industry where rap music has evolved so much in the past few decades, no one knows where to draw the line. The fresh faced 27 year old young man from Mmadinare is normally known as Percy Bolotsang, but when the lights go out and the curtains come up the stage, he becomes known as Paradox, his stage name.

He is definitely a man with a plan and intends to extend his talent to other aspiring artists as he plans to venture into mentorship in the future. Paradox comes across as down to earth and posses a rare aura of humility which distinguishes him from other artists. He claims his career started in Orapa when he was a aged 14 and to date his favourite work is his new single titled ‘Go Lekane’ which he sees as a reflection of his past.

Paradox appears to look much younger than he actually is and he attributes his youthful looks to always wearing a smile on his face, “A smile always keeps wrinkles away,” he says.

This young man has an album coming this spring, September to be specific and it is titled Legendary and he is currently recording it. Paradox explained that he will be featuring quite a number of local artists. Like any other 21st century diva, Paradox is addicted to his smart phone and claims he never leaves home without his beloved Blackberry.

Show business has in the past been extremely tricky and needs to be handled with caution, but like everything in the world it has its ups and downs. Paradox describes the perks of being in this industry as giving pleasure to his fans, through music of course. “My work gives me the chills,” he says. What he does not like bout the limelight is the constant lurking around in his private affairs.

A responsible young man who confidently mentions that he has a special lady in his life and a son, Sean Paradox, wants to see himself owning a record label in the future and also being a mentor and an inspiration to young and upcoming artists. He attributes his inspiration to everyday life and he treats his album more like an audio documentary.

In his pastime he plays basketball and watches his favourite soccer team Arsenal. If he did not make music, he claims he would be a producer. Apart from his upcoming album launch, he is scheduled to perform at the Botswana Bikers Show the beginning of April.


Full Names: Percy Bolotsang

Favourite food: Samp and Seswaa

Favourite City: New York City

Likes most about people: Respect and appreciation

Dislikes most about people: Unnecessary feuds and hating

And when asked what he would save from a burning house he stated that he would run with his Playstation 4, Sneakers collection and car keys.


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