Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Party councilors set the pace as BDP attempts to wrestle Lobatse from opposition

After more than a decade struggling to wrestle Lobatse constituency from the opposition Botswana National Front without success, the ruling Botswana Democratic Party Friday spoiled the party’s fortunes obtaining the lions share in council seats to give the BDP hope of recapturing the constituency.

Fifteen years under the belt of the beleaguered BNF, the oldest township saw the ruling BDP usurp eight council seats from the twelve seats, thrusting the party ahead of other contenders, including the opposition Botswana Congress Party, the splinter of the opposition BNF.

Led by the former Specially Elected MP and parliamentary hopeful Moggie Mbaakanyi the youthful Jomo Dithebe took over the reins at Maokana BMC ward, previously dominated by the BNF by 325 votes while Molaodi Manthe likewise set the pace obtaining an upper hand at Woodhall, defeating his rivals by 715.

While Ticket Ditsele managed to obtain Suping North by 487, Daniel Lephogole got Newlook ward also previously an opposition BNF stronghold.

At B.C Thema ward, Malebogo Kruger also set the pace for the ruling BDP.
Besides winning Peleng Central BNF was retained Peleng west.

At the time of going to press, results for Lobatse had not yet come in but analysts predicted Mbaakanyi would sail through to enter the hallows of parliament.

Disgruntled by its key parliamentary candidate in the area, BNF leadership expelled Nehemiah Modubule, paving the way for the unpopular Otlaadisa Keosaletse to replace him while the former opted to go it alone as an independent candidate – a development which would see the opposition split votes and thus set the road clear for Mbaakanyi.


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