Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Patient sues Bokamoso Hospital for negligence

A diabetic Gaborone businesswoman, who allegedly broke out in “violent rash”, lost sight for some time and could not get out of bed for two days after being dosed with the wrong medication, is suing Bokamoso Private Hospital for P300 000.

Colleen Kgwaadira, who is an insulinised diabetic, alleges that she went to Bokamoso Private Hospital complaining of ulcers but was administered the wrong medication ÔÇô Chlorpromazine, also known as Largactil, meant for another patient and with instructions to take 50ml daily.
Kgwaadira’s lawyers, Gaoboi Attorneys have served the hospitals with a writ of summons detailing the complications suffered by their clients as a result of being dispensed the wrong medication by the hospital pharmacy.

The writ of summons states that, as a result of being dosed with the wrong medication, Kgwaadira “developed severe complications and or effects, which included but were not limited to: a rough and dry tongue with the result that she could not, for some time, close her mouth; she felt extremely restless and so sleepy she could not wake up for two consecutive days; she developed violent rash all over her body; her heartbeat increased tremendously and sugar level skyrocketed to 18 for the first time since 2008; she lost her eyesight for a considerable period of time and developed itchy eyes”.

The writ of summons states that some of the complications which have still not subsided are expected to persist in future.

“These complications were exacerbated in some material way by the fact that plaintiff is an insulinised diabetic.”

According to Kgwaadira’s declaration document, she maintains that Bokamoso Private Hospital staff members who served her acted negligently and, as a result, she suffered damages to the tune of P310, 000, being P200 000 for pain and suffering; P50 000 for two months lost earnings; P50 00 for anticipated future medical expenses and P10, 000 for counseling services both current and to be incurred in future.

Gaoboi Attorneys, who are acting for Kgwaadira, have given Bokamoso Private Hospital 14 days to enter appearance to defend.


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