Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Paul’s road to Damascus

BTC Premiership rookies Sharps Shooting Stars’ coach Keitumetse ‘Pio’ Paul was this week suspended by the club after allegedly turning down their contractual offer.

It is alleged that Paul declined the contract demanding he be paid over twelve months unpaid salary dating back to his time guiding the club in the first division last season.

Paul is said to have advised the club to clear their debt before negotiating a new contract. Close sources revealed that Paul is owed salaries from last season and a hefty bonus for promoting the club to the elite league.

The coach is also said to be demanding a contract offer with benefits that match his academic credentials as a holder of German B License, which is equivalent to the CAF A licence.

‘’Paul is suspended for demanding his rights; he has been patient with the club and only demanded his dues. The club wanted to negotiate a new contract with him so he demanded that he be paid owed salary from the previous season and a better offer that matches his qualification,” a source revealed.

“The club and Paul however could not reach an agreement and they have since decided to sideline him,” the source continued.

With clubs expected to have fulfilled club licensing requirements by the end of October 2017, Sharps needed to fill the position of Head coach with a qualified gaffer.

The club was not issued a full licence at the start of the season. Teams are also required to be in good financial standing and not indebted to any of their employees.

Sharps mouthpiece Davis Setumo confirmed that the coach has been suspended and that the club was still dealing with the matter internally.

He said they will only divulge information of how events leading to the coach’s suspension unfolded when they are done with the club’s board conclusions.

“It is true that the coach was suspended this week, the issue is under discussion we are still dealing with the matter internally and cannot reveal anything at the moment,” Setumo told Sunday Standard.

Concerning allegations that the club is under pressure as they are not compliant with CAF club licensing requirements, the team PRO said the club is ready to be furnished with a club licensing card as they have met all the requirements.

“With regards to club licensing, we are on track and have covered most of the requirements. We are aware that the deadline is next week and believe everything will be in place. At the moment we can only say the only challenge is with the Head coach position that is yet to be filled,” said Setumo.

For his part, Paul said he was not at liberty to comment on the matter.

“I cannot comment on the matter but I have coaching qualifications that needs to be respected,” Paul said.


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