Thursday, July 18, 2024

Perfectcar launch slated for next week

During weekends, it is not unusual for car owners to be found next to their rides at the car wash. It is not unusual to find car owners sitting by wooden benches, reading newspapers whilst waiting for their cars to get washed. But nobody wants to take their car to a dingy car washing spot where theft is common. Who would want to take their car to a fly by night car wash, only to get robbed? This is why Perfectcar will launch for the first time ever in Botswana.

The mere reality is that, Gaborone has of late been affected by a very serious water crisis. As it stands Gaborone dam is at less than 10% water holding capacity. Due to the mushrooming of these cut throat business enterprises, a “water bill” currently being negotiated at Parliamentarian level will potentially place a ban on the use of potable water, without recycling, especially on car washing businesses. Perfectcar complements the environment, and will address the issue of “water consumption” that many South African businesses will be challenged with in the not too distant future.

Car washing enterprises have lately been mushrooming in Botswana. However along with this booming business, there comes a cost, which is wastage of a precious resource that is water.

Perfectcar is leading the way in eco friendly waterless car valet and cleaning. Perfectcar cleaning system is comparable with conventional car washes; the only difference is that they save thousands of precious litres of water daily. In fact Perfectcar washing system uses no water at all. Located behind Riverwalk mall, Perfectcar car wash and valet, carries the tagline “innovation without water”. Statistics show that one single car wash uses 150 ÔÇô 250 litres of pure tap water and pollutes an average of 1500 litres of fresh ground water.

Perfectcar looks to use its unique products and systems to assist in tackling the global environmental issues regarding energy and water resources that affect most countries in the world, including South Africa. Perfectcar uses high quality, eco friendly car wash products. The products have been in use in Europe for many years and has valet thousands of cars during this time, saving millions of litres of water and using limited electricity in the supply of its services.

Kabo Phoi, the owner of Perfectcar car wash and valet says they are still in negotiation with Botswana Innovation Hub to introduce a computerised queuing system. “The system we want to introduce will enable users to know when to take their car in for a wash, how long it will take and to come and pick it up.”

Perfectcar valet is currently accommodated at Riverwalk shopping mall as they do not require onerous and expensive drainage facilities and traditional car cleaning equipment. The location and its environment remains clean after years of use, unlike conventional wash bays that leave stains and traces of oil, tar etc.


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