Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Phakalane residents treated to an exclusive expo

Residents of Phakalane were recently treated to an exclusive exposition attended by local service providers and companies like First National Bank (FNB), Air Botswana, and Standard Chartered Bank.

One of the organizers, Tsoseletso Nkala, said that the idea of the expo arose when it became evident that there are many services offered in Phakalane that they, as residents, are not aware of. She added that most Phakalane residents have to travel long distances to the city for services that they can easily access within their residence.
The Phakalane Expo catered for both big and small businesses. One of the participants, Leoa Cultural Promotions, which promote culture through traditional artifacts and music, also showcased its wares.

Leoa representatives at the Expo, Anna Galeipone and Kelebogile Moemi, who are also dancers for Mogwana traditional group, said that they were attracted to the expo because they wanted to expand their market.

Daphne Osenkeng, of Air Botswana, had come to market the air ticket Christmas specials for Air Botswana. She said it was also her duty to change the mindset of people concerning air travelling.
“The notion amongst Batswana that travelling by air is expensive is not true, we offer cheap services that are quite reasonable,” said Osenkeng.

Standard Chartered representative, Beauty Sepato, said their enthusiasm in attending the expo was because they believe the best way to reach out to customers is to sell their services in an informal environment.


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